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About Me

Hello and welcome to my photography website!

I am LuAnn Thatcher, a photographer based north of the Twin Cities, in Minnesota. I am so glad you found my site! I love working with a variety of photographic genres including landscape, street photography, nature, and some environmental portraiture. Woodland macro and monochrome photography are among my favorites.

Born and raised in Minnesota, I have a particular fondness for small towns, and rural areas, which unfortunately are often overlooked by photographers. I love to challenge the assumption that these might not be as ‘exciting’ as other subjects; on the contrary, I have always felt that our most simple surroundings can have a real impact on us. And while I enjoy looking at all types of images, I also strongly believe that there is a place in the photography world for artists like me, who feel called to create a more meditative type of photography, that still captures feelings and elicits emotions.

In my work, I want to invite contemplation. I feel that our world is filled with unassuming beauty: even innocuous subjects like a little nymph grasshopper or a bright fall leaf can tell a powerful story, and help me create images that speak of the magic found in the details of life. I have always loved photography for the way it tells a visual story.

Through my photos I explore the importance of human connections, the sparks found in companionship, and the wonderful, magical world that nature has laid out for us — if only we pause long enough to notice it. I want my photographs to feel like visual poetry. I hope they inspire people to reflect and celebrate the fleeting instants that infuse life with magic. My aim, when I hold my camera, is to communicate the joy and peace I feel when I see sprawling mountains, delicate flowers, tiny amphibians, and friends falling in love for the first time.

My first photozine "Spring, Summer, Fall" was published in 2020 and focuses on these themes. Photography has always been my passion, and I feel incredibly grateful that I now have the opportunity to dedicate my days to it.

My camera equipment includes my Leica Q2 with a fixed 28mm lens, Fujifilm X-T4, and a Fujifilm X100V. I have found Fujifilm cameras produce beautiful colors and images that require very limited editing, which allows me to capture organically the scene in front of me. My new Leica Q2, well, I am still learning what this camera can do for me.

You can reach me via the Contact Me page or at

I’d love to hear from you, and always welcome comments on my photos.